Frequently asked questions regaurding your Precise Smile:


Many patients ask if the Precise Smile procedure will hurt. Most patients tell us that they felt no pain at all, or that only their lips were sore the next day. In fact, some patients say that the day after the Precise Smile surgery is the first day their teeth have not hurt in years.


Caring for your Precise Smile is no different than caring for your natural teeth. Twice-a-day brushing and using a Water Pik to clean around your prosthesis is all that is required. Yearly check-ups will help ensure the long life and snug fit of your Precise Smile.

Do I have to travel to a far away location?

Precise Smile is available in your community. Because we work with your dentist, you never have to travel to a far-away location to have strangers work on you. Precise Smile uses an innovative and cutting-edge blend of dental, laser imaging, computerized numerically controlled manufacturing, and internet information technologies to revolutionize dental implant delivery. Making your complicated dental problems an ease to take care of all in the comfort of an office near by.

How long will it take?

Many patients ask how long will the Precise Smile treatment take. Most patients are told it is all accomplished in a "one day procedure." That is true, you will have beautiful new teeth the day of surgery. These teeth are intended to be temporary to allow for healing and to assess any changes in color (tooth shade) or shape. After 3-5 months completely new custom milled upper and lower fixed teeth are made. If sinus lifts or bone grafting is necessary this may require an extra three to six months of healing time before the final custom teeth are inserted.

What does it take to be evaluated for this procedure?

A simple phone call to Precise Smile. After meeting our incredible staff the doctor will take upper and lower impressions in order to make dental models. A quick dental scan (CBCT) is also needed to determine the amount of bone remaining, where your mandibular nerve is located and where your new teeth need to be for great esthitics and function. The total time involved for this comprehensive exam is around fourty-five minutes to an hour.



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