Before and After

Many patients have their teeth removed only to realize dentures are difficult to wear and are frequently painful. Artificial teeth that are fixed to dental implants do not move and feel just like natural teeth. Precise Smile patients can have teeth that are all the same color and have shapes that are pleasing.

For some patients, having most of the treatment accomplished in one day makes it possible to solve their dental problems and have a new smile the next day.

For patients with advanced periodontal disease, artificial teeth fixed on implants can maintain bone health and help prevent some types of heart disease.

Frequently these types of surgeries are life altering changes that allow patients to have the smile they always dreamed of.

Precise Smile procedures also make it possible to position new teeth in the correct relationship to the lips and gums for a pleasing smile.

The average time of treatment for patients who undergo the Precise Smile dental implant procedure is three months.

Ask your dentist about Precsise Smile or contact Dr. Schmitt, to set-up a free in office consultation. This will allow professionals to determine if this treatment is right for you.